Live At Muchmore's

by Mekong Tiger

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First ever Mekong Tiger show recorded live at Muchmore's in Williamsburg on August 25th, 2013. Countless voice cracks included.


released August 27, 2013

Max - Sax
Will - Guitar
Calvin - Vocals
Sean - Bass
Cornelius - Drums

Recorded by Andrew Lowden



all rights reserved


Mekong Tiger Brooklyn, New York

Destructive tendencies are highlighted alongside ambitious plans for future music development AKA playing fabricated traditional music the wrong way.

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Track Name: My 9 to 5
My nine to five? Gargling your putrid essence. Leaping the light Panasonic.
Crushing the masses. Distributing the sweat drenched opiates to the reified individuals of Cobble Hill.
Marketing babies for drugs. Selling suppositories door to door to Mister Rogers insomniacs.
Complimenting the first lady on her dress. Caressing the birthers to sweet oblivion. Harnessing raw delusion.
Telling you that I'm important. Telling myself that I'm important. Wondering why important is so important. Breaking the sunglasses of mental anorexics.
Pulling teeth from the mouth of the universal mind. Burning the old hats we never knew we still had. Corrupting your grandchildren's children. Poisoning my mother. Crippling yours.
Smoking so much that I eventually realize I've never smoked in my entire life. Creating your imagined suffering. Gouging out your unseeing eye dogs.
Perpetuating racial intolerance. Forging my own path to ignoramity.
Screaming into the already phlegm drenched edifice of the creative universe. Masturbating into the cum ridden hole of human ingenuity.
Fisting Bengalis. Force feeding fourteen year old typhoids.
Earning the cherished crust of worthlessness. Knowing that which none will care for. Caring for those who choose not to know.
Mystifying the anonymous. Pulsing towards world domino inflation.
Heating your kettle. Wasting your valuable time. Waiting for the folks in the back to shut the fuck up.
Track Name: I Am A Soldier In The War On Christmas
I am a soldier in the war on Christmas
I am a soldier in the war on Christmas
Gonna waterboard Santa with nothing but Fanta
I am a soldier in the war on Christmas
Track Name: Key Wot
Esu wodä ketema mät't'a, ketema mät't'a
Wede e'ndeat e'headallo'
Gebeya rabeuny key wot, rabeuny key wot
Yikerta beutam ruk?

Baqereb mehal, baqereb mehal, baqereb mehal ketemaw

Seulam deuna walu, deuna walu?
'Ayyeru des yilal
Rabeuny alu key wot, alu key wot?

Yitafital, Yitafital, Yitafital Tsemirilign

Dehna hun, amesege'nallo', amesege'nallo'
Awo ene betam rakka
Track Name: Tiger Cum
You. Yeah, you. You crust pocked flower farmer, two leaves on the backboard crusher, never gonna call the yellow pages veganite. You really got the Cambodians on the loose while your tooth filled suit rots in the neighborhood retard's ashes. Maybe you saw too little, a crocadillo nutcracker twice the width of your conscience and half as riddled with self-aggrandizing taglines from the old horror pictures. What you got ain't got you nothing, what you had has had it, what you need ain't needed, what you'll get don't get you anything. Stop poking Uncle Ben's cylinder and get your foot off the tracks and onto the train of thought of some other demented retina. Not mine, pinko. Try peeping into the trailer trash thursday special with extra barbed wire for a change of face, glaze it over onto the depreciated coup de swill and knot it into 457 individually marked packages of Assad brand contraceptives, cause time just got cheaper.